How We Develop Neighborhoods

One of the ways CHWC improves Kansas City, KS neighborhoods is through real estate development. This is a key part of our Mission; to reinvest in our neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods have seen decades of decline and in order to erase the blight and deterioration, we need to re-invest in them.


This may include purchasing properties in need of renovation where we either update the home or demolish the home and rebuild a new one.


Affordable homeownership leads to:

  1. Quality, owner-occupied homes

  2. Successful neighborhoods

  3. Safe, viable community

  4. Decreased crime

  5. Increase property values


The homes that CHWC purchase for redevelopment aren’t economically feasible for the private market to invest in; thus the need for a non-profit like ours to accept the challenge.


The homes and land we purchase are often, tax delinquent, cited for building code violation, owned by absentee landlords/owners, and generally unkempt.


Our affordable housing efforts isn’t about just building a house; our goals is to create a better neighborhood through building or renovating a quality, affordable home, with a family who has received instruction on homebuyer education and in a neighborhood in which CHWC has engaged the community. That is how we rebuild our neighborhoods.