Meet Our Staff

Brennan Crawford, Executive Director       

Contact information:

Sara Fitts, Director of Finance

Contact information:         

Lisandro Gonzalez, Bilingual Housing Counselor

Contact information: or ext 1202

Raymond Jonscher, Property Manager

Contact information: or ext 1204

Madelin Lemus-Espinoza, Bilingual Customer Service Specialist

Contact information:  or ext 1201

Nathalie Martinez-Vowels, Director of Operations

Contact information: 

Ashly Meek, Farm Manager

Contact information: 

Megan Painter, Housing & Economic Development Project Manager

Contact information: or ext 1205

Tennille Perkins, Property Manager

Contact information: or ext 1204

Charlie Pattison, Construction Manager

Contact information: or ext 1212

Leslie Scott, VISTA Volunteer Coordinator

Contact information: or ext 1211

Lynne Serrano, Bookkeeper

Contact information: or ext 1206

Rebekah Swank, Resource Development Coordinator / Executive Assistant

Contact information: or ext 1203

Earl Wood, Maintenance Technician

Contact information: or ext 1204