Project Development:

CHWC’s approach to housing is twofold; build new homes and rehab existing homes to revive and beautify neighborhoods.  When we are finished, they are then sold to moderate and low-income families.  CHWC has already created 470 new homebuyers and preserved 149 homes.* In 2013-14, we will add more than 30 new homes to the community.

* Stats from 2007-2011

Housing Developments

St. Peters/Waterway/McKinley

A Tax Increment Finance district was established for the revitalization of the St. Peters/Waterway neighborhood in 2005.  This neighborhood had not seen investment in over 80 years and experienced an increase in blight and crime.  Since 2004, CHWC has constructed over 70 new homes and is devoted to the construction of over 60 additional new single-family homes.  Since our work began, crime has greatly diminished and existing homeowners have taken greater pride in their neighborhood.

Specifically, the St. Peter/Waterway Redevelopment Project includes the following activities:

  • The acquisition of property within the redevelopment district.  Vacant, tax delinquent and dilapidated properties were targeted for acquisition.  

  • The demolition of abandoned, unsafe, and dilapidated structures.

  • The improvement of sidewalks, sewers, and other utilities.

  • The construction of 92 homes, including:

  • 71 new single family detached homes

  • 12 rehabilitated single family homes

  • 9 rental units in 4 rehabilitated buildings

Homebuyer education, loan/grant opportunities and financial counseling is available to each of the new homeowners/tenants.

St. Benedict’s

In 1999, CHWC constructed 13 new single-family for sale homes as part of an infill revitalization project in the St. Joe/St. Benedict’s Neighborhood.  Each home was built with the assistance of local HOME funds and property tax abatements were offered to the homeowners for incentives. 


Currently, CHWC has partnered with the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas to develop the St. Benedicts Elementary School site.  The elementary school has been demolished and the land is slated for 20 new single family homes and a small monastery to house the Little Brothers of the Lamb. CHWC will be developing, building and selling the 20 single family homes. The Archdiocese will develop and build the monastery.

Strawberry Hill Townhouses

A Tax Increment Finance District was established in 2007 in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood to aide with the construction of 30 new townhomes.  Previously, in 2003 CHWC constructed and sold 6 new townhomes.  Presently, 5 new units are in the development stage.

Mt. Zion

Between 2004 and 2005 CHWC constructed and sold 29 new, single-family homes in a cul-de-sac redevelopment project on previously blighted property in the Northeast Neighborhood.  This project was called Mt. Zion after the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, which began the redevelopment project earlier in 2000.

House to Home Bethany

CHWC received tax credits from the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation to build 20 single family homes for lease to purchase.  This rental program is designed to make renters into owners by the end of the fifteen year rental period.  Currently all 20 homes are constructed and fully leased.  Currently there is a waitlist for the House to Home program.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

CHWC worked in conjunction with the Unified Government of Wyandotte County to rehab 28 foreclosed homes in Wyandotte County.  These homes were put back on the market for sale or contract for deed.

House to Home Riverview/Escalade

CHWC partnered with Mesner Development Company to apply for and build 24 new single family homes using LIHTCs in two different neighborhoods, Riverview and Escalade Heights.  16 units will be built in Escalade Heights and 8 units will be built in the Riverview neighborhood.  CHWC has also committed to building 6 new single family homes for sale in the Escalade Heights neighborhood.  The first two for-sale units are in the development stage at this time.


CHWC partnered with LISC and the Unified Government of Wyandotte County to build and sell 2 new single family homes in 2011.  CHWC received a grant from LISC in 2012 to build 4 new single family homes and repair 10 owner occupied homes.  The 4 new single family homes will be complete by June 30, 2014.  The sales price of the homes will be $145,000, with two homes being sold to families under 80% of AMI.  The minor home repair program was for 10 homeowners and each received $7,500 to spend on the exterior of their home.