Right place, right time.

Meet the Toscano family! CHWC homeowners since 2012.

Meet the Toscano family, of the Chelsea neighborhood in KCK. Faith-filled, humble, and hard-working with an unwavering trust in God, their plan was simple:  as Mrs. Toscano put it, “We prayed to find an affordable home in a safe neighborhood where our son could grow, play and learn. We knew our prayers would be answered at the ‘given’ time.


One Sunday morning in 2012, their “given” time arrived. A CHWC volunteer visited their church to promote the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

Through it, CHWC identified families to purchase foreclosed and abandoned homes. After a rigorous qualification process, families could purchase affordable homes while stabilizing neighborhoods and stemming the decline of house values. Families’ prayers answered….neighborhoods and lives transformed!


CHWC’s strategic partnership with the Unified Government of Wyandotte County’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) was the catalyst and answer to the Toscano’s prayers.  “Our home is a true blessing! It was the perfect house at the right time.” Said Mrs. Toscano.

New Beginnings

Meet Modeste and Annonciata, a happy couple married 20 years ago in Rwandaand now proud homeowners in Kansas City, Kansas.

The journey to homeownership was not an easy one for them they admit.  Coming into a culture different than what you are accustomed to brings many struggles not the least of which is knowing where to go when you need help.


Their family of five was living in less than desirable housing and Modeste wanted more for them, so he turned to his church and asked the Pastor for direction. His Pastor directed him to Community Housing of Wyandotte County for assistance in navigating the home buying process.

They remember the day they first walked into CHWC.  They came with Sister Rachel, a member of their faith community and expressed relief at how warmly they were greeted and how quickly CHWC’s Housing Counselor, Ms. Betty Johnson went to work getting them enrolled in Homebuyer Education Class so that they could understand all that was needed to realized the dream of homeownership.


“There were challenges sure, but with patience and perseverance, along with the excellent advice of CHWC we were able to purchase a house on Oakland in KCK” says Modeste.  “We love this neighborhood and feel part of a community now”, says Annociata with a big smile. 


When asked what advice they might have for other people who might be in the same situation they quickly said, “Walk in the door of CHWC and they will help you!” 

Finding Friends Along the Way

Meet the Mathew family!

Ask  Alex and Andrea Mathew, proud parents of two young sons now living in a brand new CHWC built home.  The Mathews were ready to move out of less than desirable rental conditions and began a careful search for the right fit for their young family.  Alex was discouraged and disappointed to discover what was available to them, until, he says “I met the folks at CHWC!”  The whole experience was one of friends helping friends and welcoming them into the neighborhood. “That was 4 years ago and to this day Donny Smith, Susan Carroll and Steve Curtis (all CHWC staff), are still three people I count as good friends and neighbors.”


Thank You CHWC!

A New Optimism

Meet Ms. Carla Eckley, mother of 7 and grandmother to 18.

Ask Ms. Carla Eckley, mother of 7, grandmother to 18, who desperately needed help to make critical repairs on her modest home.  “My Mother worked for years helping in the community and I followed her passion to help by distributing clothes to the needy and working with neighbors to provide what they could not provide for themselves. Then I fell on difficult times and needed help to make my home livable. In my time of need, I looked everywhere in the community for assistance for four long years. Finally, I learned about CHWC from the Director of Shepherd’s Center in Kansas City, Kansas.

The day I found out about Community Housing of Wyandotte County changed my life!  With their help my house was repaired and I could once more take pride in our home.”  


Thank You CHWC!